Blog Intro

For my first official blog post I wanted to give an explanation of the purpose of this blog and why I chose this topic. I love Memphis. I really do, I have lived in Memphis all of my life and I really enjoy all things Memphis. Whether it is Tiger basketball, Grizzlies games or visiting new restaurants, Memphis has many entertaining things to offer. 

There are always those tourists who come to Memphis thinking it is full of crime and gangs but if you drive around downtown and throughout the suburbs, it really is an enjoyable place to visit. I love finding out about new restaurants or places to visit throughout the city because there is always something new to see and discover. 

My parents have never been fans of downtown Memphis, so I am always looking for excuses to get a group of friends to go with me, or my brother when he is in town. Kooky Canuck is always a favorite and Spaghetti Warehouse as well. After dinner it is always a tradition to go to the Peabody Hotel rooftop and lookout over or beautiful city and watch the sunset over the Mississippi River. 

My next blog post will be focusing on Gibson’s Donuts so stay tuned, in the meantime enjoy Memphis! 

Check out the restaurants that I mentioned above: