Young Avenue Deli

A popular midtown favorite is Young Avenue Deli. Young Avenue is located at 219 Young Avenue in the heart of Midtown Memphis. Young Avenue Deli offers a wide range of food choices such as hummus, sandwiches and their very popular sweet potato fries. The fries at Young Avenue are authentic fries and you can definitely see and taste the quality. Young Avenue takes a spin on the traditional deli sandwich and features many pitas and wraps as well. I tried their chicken pita this weekend at the Cooper Young Festival and it is definitely on the list as a new favorite. The pita bread used on the wraps adds a fresh difference to sandwiches. If you do not find something specific on the menu, you can always build your own pizza or quesadilla. Young Avenue also has multiple televisions above the bar and a large projector screen that pulls down on the stage for popular games or television events. The multiple tv screens are always playing various games that will satisfy any fan. If you aren’t interested in watching tv while you are eating, you can also check out various bands that are featured different nights of the week. Whether you are a local Memphian who has never been or someone traveling around Midtown Memphis, Young Avenue Deli needs to be on your list.