How broad will Broad Ave. go?

  • The Broad Ave. District was originally a suburban community on the rail line between Memphis and Raleigh. 
  • A post office and town government were established when Binghamton was chartered in 1895.
  • The neighborhood officially became part of the City of Memphis when it was annexed in 1919.Image

A once declining part of town is now on the rise with the help of various developers and business owners in the Broad Avenue Arts District. With the implementation of various art and philanthropic events, the close knit community on Broad Ave. is steadily improving the art district’s image. Broad Ave., which runs parallel to Sam Cooper Blvd., is located within close driving distance to many surrounding communities in the Memphis area. 

The Historic Broad Business Association is diligently working to recognize the well known restaurants and bars throughout the district but to also expand the area. The association is in the process of cultivating growth through the establishment of various types of businesses of the fine arts. 

The future of the Broad Ave. district is bright with the community involvement to bring businesses and visitors to the area of strong improvement. 

Broadway Pizza, one of the most famous pizza restaurants in Memphis is located in the historic Broad Ave. district. Since 1977, Broadway Pizza has served customers with just about any food that you could imagine. Kendra Cooke loves the variety that Broadway Pizza offers. 

“I love visiting Broadway pizza when I come to Memphis because the menu has just about anything that you crave,” Cooke said. 

Broadway Pizza caters to families that may have some of the pickiest eaters. While living, the King Elvis Presley was a big fan of Broadway Pizza. Members of the Broad Ave revitalization team finding it reassuring to see the continued success of longtime restaurants on Broad Ave. 

The success of restaurants and businesses on Broad Ave shows the loyalty that customers and supporters have for the Broad Ave. district. Broad Ave. is continually looking for businesses that are looking to expand in a growing area. 

Moving forward, the Broad Ave. district is working on expanding its area into the Greenline that runs through the city of Memphis. The Greenline has been well received by Memphis residents.  Developers in the Broad Ave. community are looking at this expansion as an opportunity to increase community involvement, with the hopes of increasing economic growth in the area. 

Avid athlete, Breauna Duncan enjoys the convenient bike lanes in the arts district. 

“I love biking throughout Midtown but the scenery on Broad Ave is always interesting to see. I appreciate the strides that the arts district is making to reach out to those who enjoy exercising outdoors,” Duncan said. 

Another integral part of the Broad Ave. revitalization is the demonstrated by the involvement of local business owners within the district.  A recent example was the Art Walk and Art Bark events presented by the Broad Ave. Arts District.  While the Art Walk featured over 40 artists and exhibits for the community, the Art Bark provided an opportunity for individuals to bring their four legged friends. Shoppers were also able to dress their dogs as their favorite artist or character.

The District offers the quaintness of small town simplicity in the midst of a large city.  Summer Robinson loves the peacefulness that surrounds the Broad Ave. district. 

“What I love about the Broad Ave. district, is that it is not a typical mall or shopping center. You feel like you are in a small town square like the movies,” Wheeler said.  

It is conveniently located near many of the popular attractions in the Memphis area.  The prime location of the district, is attracting many new businesses to the area.  Muddy’s Bake Shop, a local Memphis favorite, is in the process of opening a new location for their company.   It will not be a typical Muddy’s Bake Shop.  A new concept that will attract newcomers to the Broad Ave. district will be a retail environment that fits nicely into the small town feel.

In a time when big businesses and chain restaurants populate many major cities, it is a rare opportunity to have such a quaint, small town environment. The growth that the district has experienced in the last few years, has displayed the potential for future growth. Those interested in the expansion of the Broad Ave., can also visit the district website at