Brittany Fitzpatrick has recently created a new startup company called Mentor.Me. They are looking to provide great matches of mentors and mentees. Mentor.Me is looking to reach out to those interested in mentoring young students. 

I enjoyed visiting this booth at the conference because of the enthusiasm and amount of knowledge that Brittany had on the subject. In talking with Brittany, I was very informed on statistics and facts that I previously did not know. “Many mentoring programs only last a few months because the match does not stick, so we are looking to change that,” said Brittany. 

Mentor.Me is hoping to receive a little more in depth information on those mentoring and the mentees as well. If they have more information, bettermatches can be made that will last for a longer length of time. Brittany explained that they are wanting to match people with similar hobbies and interests, which will allow for the pairs to connect quicker when first meeting. 

If you are interested in learning more about this innovative new startup, you can check out their website or twitter page