Blogging: A continual process

As a fairly new blogger, I am always looking for ways to strenghten my creativity within my blog. I am a native Memphian and I have always loved and appreciated this city. I wanted to create a blog that would offer advice for those who remain skeptical about Memphis. In researching unique Memphis spots and popular landmarks, I have also found places that I previously was not aware of.

In order to grow my blog, I decided to Interview Jackie Carroll. She is a Senior, English major, and blogger as well. Jackie started a blog called In her blog, Jackie offers many tips on how to strengthen and grow your resume. In talking with Jackie she explained that her organization is what she loves most about her blog. “If you focus on a specific subject and narrow it down, more followers will continue to keep an interest and won’t be confused or bored,” said Jackie. I also enjoyed receiving advice from Jackie on ways that I can improve my blog.

I have wanted to reach out to those that have not lived in Memphis for a majority of their life. It is always great to get an outsider’s perspective on ways to improve. “I would like to see more posts about fun places to go out at night,” explained Jackie. Jackie explained that although she is a Senior at the University of Memphis, she has always wanted to find more nightlife venues. Another recommendation from Jackie was to locate more “weekend event” places. As college students, there are often sporting events or things to do on campus but it is important to creatively think outside the box.

I thouroughly enjoyed talking with Jackie about ways that I can strengthen this small blog of mine. I really do love Memphis and I cannot wait to uncover many aspects of this growing city.