A guided map to the top 5 weekend hotspots in Memphis

A guided map to the top 5 weekend hotspots in Memphis Traveling to Memphis? New to town? If you are unfamiliar with the Memphis area, make sure you check out this guided map… Continue reading

Trolley tour down Main St.

Whether you commute through downtown Memphis or you are visiting the area, a trolley ride through downtown should definitely be a part of your routine. I enjoyed taking a trolley ride from the… Continue reading

Blogging: A continual process

As a fairly new blogger, I am always looking for ways to strenghten my creativity within my blog. I am a native Memphian and I have always loved and appreciated this city. I… Continue reading


Brittany Fitzpatrick has recently created a new startup company called Mentor.Me. They are looking to provide great matches of mentors and mentees. Mentor.Me is looking to reach out to those interested in mentoring… Continue reading

Broad Avenue Revitalization

Much progress has been made in the last few years for the revitalization of the Broad Avenue District. When strolling along Broad Avenue you will find residents, local businesses and art galleries. Broad… Continue reading

Memphis’s finest tourist attractions.

With more than 10 million visitors annually, Memphis holds much pride in welcoming visitors to the city of blues with many attractions, accommodations and restaurants that are fun and affordable. Memphis is known… Continue reading

Conflict in the Middle East.

A storify presentation of the use of social media with the current outbreaks in the middle east. http://storify.com/ascallions/conflict-in-the-middle-east

What to do with the little ones in your life

A review of some of the best places in Memphis to take your children. Whether you have little money or no ideas, the storify slideshow should assist you in your search. http://storify.com/ascallions/entertainment-for-kids-in-memphis

How broad will Broad Ave. go?

The Broad Ave. District was originally a suburban community on the rail line between Memphis and Raleigh.  A post office and town government were established when Binghamton was chartered in 1895. The neighborhood… Continue reading

A tour down Beale Street

Known as one of the most famous streets in Memphis, Beale Street is home to some of the best restaurants and bars. Beale Street is a popular location for locals or anyone visiting… Continue reading